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Buying a Home?

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Buyer Agent

  • Signed Contract Necessary

  • Eliminates Confusion

  • Saves Time

  • More Personal Service

  • More Effort

  • Faster Reaction Time

  • Highest level of commitment from both buyer and agent

Buyer Facilitator

  • Non-exclusive buyer agent

  • No contract necessary

  • Creates Confusion

  • Waste Buyer's Time

  • Repetitive Calls

  • Ethical Discomfort

  • Lower level of commitment from both buyer and agent

Here's What Happens When Buying a Home with Us...


  • We will discuss what you are looking for in a new home.

  • We will research the market for you.

  • You will apply for a mortgage pre-approval.

  • We will look at properties that appear to meet your needs.

  • If you find a home that you want to see, call us!

  • We will assist in negotiating the acquisition.

  • We will be with you every step of the way.

The Marge and Andrea Real Estate Team has the skills buyers want in today's real estate market...

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Knowledge of the Purchase Process

  • Responsiveness

  • Up-to-date Knowledge of the real estate market

  • Communication skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • People skills

  • Knowledge of the local area

  • Technology skills

Benefits of Hiring The Marge and Andrea Real Estate Team as Buyer Agents

  • Work in buyer's best interest and perform the fiduciary duties

  • Use reasonable efforts to loacte property acceptable to the buyer

  • Daily search for property that meet the buyer's needs and lifestyle

  • Assist in viewing properties - accompany the buyer on the showings, or preview the properties on behalf of the buyer to insure that the identified specifications are met.

  • Monitor the market as new listings becom available

  • Research the selected properties to identify any problems or issues to help the buyer make an informed decision prior to making an offer to purchase the property.

  • Market value is determined by many factors, including the availability of similar properties at competitive prices, location, condition, and most of all, the price that a knowledgeable buyer is willing to pay.  We will provide market data to help you establish an offering price.

  • Advise buyers on structuring an appropriate offer to purchase the selected property. There may be other considerations besides price that are equally important in structuring a purchase offer.  The terms and conditions of the offer, amount of deposit and possession date are likely to be factors when an offer is made.  We will help in your preparation of an offer to purchase.

  • Assist buyers with other aspects of the transaction including coordination of inspections, securing a mortgage and other relevant services.

  • Present the offer to the seller's agent and the seller on your behalf.

  • Negotiate on behals of the buyer to help obtain the identified property - keeping the buyer's best interest in mind.

  • We will help you structure a negotiation strategy that will create the desired result, a new home!

  • A lot has to happen between signing the offer to purchase and moving into a new home.  We will attend to the details and keep you in touch with the transaction each step of the way.  Sellers list property with real estate agents to assure professional representation throughout the selling process.  As a buyer, you deserve the same professional representation.

  • We fully represent the buyer throughout the real estate transaction.

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