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Taking a leap of faith

As a realtor, I have found that the biggest concern of all my sellers, and one that keeps them up at night is: where will they go?! What if they sell their house and can't find a house that they like enough to buy? Now that my home is on the market, I, too, have this same concern! It weighs on your mind daily as you paruse all the websites: Zillow,, Trulia MLS etc. multilple times a day in hopes of at least one home showing up on market that you are interested in seeing. I have to keep reminding myself that something will come on, you will find another house that you know is the "perfect" one when you enter through the front door for the first time. It's a leap of faith, you have to trust in the system. For me, these words of advice are now words of wisdom that I live by every day that my home is on the market. There is a home out there just waiting for me I know, now if it would only give me a hint of where it's located my angst would be alleviated.

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